Serving Killingworth for
more than 10 years


Chimney Cleaning
Chuck has the best home improvement service in the area. We have contracted his work for several years for home and office improvement projects including windows, doors, roof, lighting, plumbing and electrical repairs to expanding and remodeling our entire kitchen and deck. He "knows his stuff." He is a professional in his work and has a great sense of what can be done within your budget without sparing quality. His experience and knowledge of his business speaks for itself and the quality of his work is his signature. We are fortunate to have found him!!
Judie, Guilford

We have been using House Works for several years now. Chuck always does a great job. He is always on time and cleans up after the job is done. It's great to know exactly who to call when I need something done around the house.
Charlene, Killingworth